Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 21

Same old same old these past two weeks. Practicing here and there and a majority of thinking about the talk at the end of the year. Last Friday we had practice talks and I thought it went really well! Eight of us stood up in front of the class and talked about where we were with our projects for about a minute. I talked about how it was really hard teaching yourself a string instrument and how I was losing steam on the project but had kept myself interested by picking up the trumpet again. After everyone had completed their talks one of my friends in the class called me over and said she was experiencing the same thing with her project about learning guitar. It was reassuring to know that someone else is having the same problems as I am.
A majority of my free time is spent at least thinking about my talk coming up soon. Even now as I type this I have Pandora open in a separate tab and am listening to music. (I have to reopen it every so often because UTubeNoAds is messing with it and I don't know how to uninstall it) Music is such a great thing and has really been around forever. Music can infect us with a variety of emotions as well. Yesterday alone I went from tearing up at a song to dancing around my kitchen because a song rocked so much. Long story short, I love music and probably always will. It is just that great.


  1. Your passion for music truly inspires me! I hope that music stays with you forever becasue it is so great to know what you love when you are so young. I think it is great that you are practicing talking in front of the class so that you will all be more comfortable later in the year. It is also great that you had the opportunity to connect with another student! How did talking in front of the class go? Hope it went well!

  2. It was grand. The in class talks are going magically